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Bilingual schooling planned to boost English proficiency

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17 hours ago, Slip said:

In fairness it is only in the last 5-10 years that the the native speakers have been squeezed out.  I'm not sure it was working that well back then either.  Those were the days that any Tom, Dick or Harry could work as a teacher just because they were white.  SSDD.

All native English speaking teachers should be required to have teaching degrees and licences in their home countries, and, yes, they would have to be paid at least 50-60,000 a month.  At 60,000 baht a month, the money spent on those submarines would have paid for 13,888 teachers for one year -- or 1,389 teachers for ten years!


Backpacker teachers were rarely anything more than a bad influence.

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Where will they get the teachers?

"...a bilingual curriculum – in Thai and English – would be in place from kindergarten up at more than 2,000 district schools starting in academic year 2020."   If this prediction is as accu

Hope they do better than some of these private schools I've got grand kids that go to a school that advertises English in all classes and there's a sign when you drive in that says English only . They

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6 hours ago, kingstonkid said:

Before they change the program they should change the law or the way that it is administered.  The problem is not so much with the education classes most NES teachers are quirte good.  It is with the automatic pass that semi private schools have.

If they mandated national tests after pratom 3, with the marks promulgated in a Thai newspaper, on line that each school averaged it would make a great deal of difference on the education that is provided to schools.


Imagine if a school that rates itself as one of the best had to actually prove it and show it.

Also have a carrot and stick if your school is top 10 or has the highest improvement in marking then you get more money from the government BUT if you are in the bottom 10 you lose all government funding.

yeah your right .. im a teacher its basically all down to the automatic passing of the students. start failing them and in two generations after all the super entitled parents who are paying for these pass rates (and who all head of depts are scared off), stop complaining then you will see an improvement in English. atm it doesnt matter whether your good or bad minumum pass score is 50% and more in private schools.

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4 years ago a retired highschool teacher said to me that everybody who wants to do business with Thailand has to learn Thai because they are No.1 in Asia.
Did this change somehow ?  🤔

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1 hour ago, lensta said:

. I think that they are ok up to 4th year in Pratom (Primary School), but their English Skills are just not good enough to teach year 5 and above. This is a generalization and I have  met a few that are very good but most that I have met and worked with are not.


Pray tell what does 4th year students learn that is so difficult.


Do you have a link to the sample materials so that I can peruse the difficulty level.


I think they are qualified up to at least 6th year primary.



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17 hours ago, EricTh said:


Not true. My classmates competed with native English teachers who had years of experience teaching English in Thailand.


One position had many applications. There is an oversupply of native English speakers, most of them doing those short TEFL courses.


There are a lot of native English speakers who've never taught and think a TEFL is the way to an easy income here. They think anyone can teach!


There are a lot of native English speakers who are qualified to teach but are here for their pursuit of cheap booze and easy ladies and/or because they wouldn't get a job back home with the behavioral issues they have and get away with here.


Then there are some genuinely really good ones.


For Thai teachers, most I've met, and that's a lot as Missus BB is one, are dedicated. The % of tossers who shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a classroom is actually quite low. However, the % who can speak even reasonable English is also quite low.


The Minister is taking on a big challenge! Good luck sir.



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4 hours ago, CM Dad said:

As long as Thai schools and educators insist on using a grammar-focused approach to teaching English, they will never succeed.  Languages are learned by listening and speaking followed by reading and writing.  Only basic grammar is needed for the development of the first two skills.  The latter two skills are where grammar should be refined.

That's it exactly, grammar, grammar, grammar is counter productive. After the basics like past present and future they need to concentrate on vocabulary and SPEAKING. Endless grammar bores and confuses kids, so they switch off and just do the minimum box ticking to pass. There again they are pretty well stuffed if the teachers can't speak the language to start with.

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21 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

The English Proficiency Index puts Thailand 74th in the world following declines for three consecutive years. It’s marked as having “very low proficiency”.

No, not 74th in the world, 74th of 100 countries that took the test.
In the world, Thailand is far worse off!
I have the "pleasure" of living near a school, the English lesson is held in the playground where all the students (hundreds) are present, the teachers speak very poor English I would say!
My wife who was in the same school introduced me to her English teacher a few years ago, she barely knew, good morning and good evening!
Important is that MAYBE you have recognized how important the English language is!

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I know many teachers are hung up on allowing students to pass and even graduate despite failing. This is not unique to Thailand. Failing students won't accomplish anything at the lower levels. If the enter system got serious about grades it could scare-motivate the middle and upper middle classes. The wealthy will get what they want.


Thai government system, schools with all their activities can never look a failing student in the eye and say - did our best. Lots of mediocre teachers, very old very tired teachers with limited subject and pedagogical knowledge.


I believe grades are irrelevant and waste of time. Big picture they demonstrate little. Quite arbitrary. Focus should be on learning.


All Thai don't need English. University tracked students it's good enough. Add MOOC and free classes at rajabhats and govt can have training centers for English related to tourism. People will learn when they have a need.


Kids don't appreciate it and few see a long term value which is understandable.

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