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Historically what has caused Thailand to loosen up on their Visa policies

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Loosening up can be either making things easier on paper or in practice (how IOs are told to handle you).


I see it mentioned often during a tightening period like this past year, that "they'll change again after some pain." Historically is this actually true?


If it does yoyo back and forth, I suppose slow tourism numbers and declining revenues are the catalyst for changing attitudes? Or are the other more important factors?

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We arrived back from N.Z. on the 9th Nov at 9 pm at the airport, hardly any one here no qs and heaps of imm officers just sitting around chatting. For the first time ever I saw a indian woman pulled over at customs check when she tried to walk though the green gate. I sailed passed no bother with my partner we had 3 suitcases and 3 carry ons 🙂


I have a retirement visa my partner is Thai


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