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Foreigner arrested after racially abusing locals in Chiang Mai

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why release him just black list him and stick him on the first available flight back to the US we don't need his type here .

Trying to figure out what his user name is here.  Narrowed it down to a couple of dozen possibilities...

What an @rsehole ,this does not promote good relations between Thai's and Farangs that are just trying to live here peacefully and quietly together,spitting at people,should have been p

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36 minutes ago, JMSIII said:

I agree!   And stop blurring out the faces, and print this embarrassments name!  Print his name and show his face so the back home we can see who this POS is!


the guy in the story and some tvf posters could likely benefit



anger management.gif

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3 hours ago, Snackbar said:

The use of ‘it’ is a commonly used demeaning pronoun.


Disgusting and very sad all round.





i think "it" comes from google translate because it is not too accurate thai to english and often not highly accurate.

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2 hours ago, stancatts said:

The man is almost certainly mental ill and in need of treatment.

possibly. general public needs protection from this. too many 'mentally ill' americans wreaked havoc in the recent past.

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Expect the visas to become more difficult because of numerous foreigners like this throughout Thailand both men and women. The Thais have had enough and i don,t blame them. Make sure this nutcase is made a good example of.

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until he has had a psychiatric report then people should hold fire. I realise that in the USA they lock up mentally ill people rather than treat them but  civilised countries  have more compassion.  He may not even  have a mental illness but be suffering from Tourettes syndrome. People who complain he is a redneck and should be sent straight to prison without knowing the full facts behind  this are more of a redneck than he is.

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