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Foreigner arrested after racially abusing locals in Chiang Mai

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24 minutes ago, BritManToo said:

From the video, where he appears to randomly swear for a few minutes then just as suddenly stop, I'd be thinking 'tourettes', he didn't even display aggression. Totally harmless.

This is from the fb post of the shop owner, so, if we have to believe the Thai woman, i won't say totally harmless.


"And it came in front of the shop and spit on us / but didn't get it. Thank you to all the charity. Haha.

And it's cursing. So rude.

And walked out to smash the mirror in front of our shop.

When the property is damaged, we run to call security. Let me help you. Don't run away and call the police."

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why release him just black list him and stick him on the first available flight back to the US we don't need his type here .

Trying to figure out what his user name is here.  Narrowed it down to a couple of dozen possibilities...

What an @rsehole ,this does not promote good relations between Thai's and Farangs that are just trying to live here peacefully and quietly together,spitting at people,should have been p

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1 minute ago, Andrew Dwyer said:

Did you watch all 3 videos, I think its the second one where he calls a guy a “ [email protected]@k” and then goes on to say his “skin is like the ass of a cow “

He is half Korean, so its like being racist against your own race😉


Like Russel Peters mocking Indians yet Indian himself

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7 hours ago, steven100 said:

just another nutter  …..  probably high on drugs.

kangaroo loose in the top paddock i'd say.

Nah! He's not strine fer God's sake! More likely a buffalo up the back passage, Eh?

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Many people have problems, foreigners too. We don't know the reason for his doing, bottled up anger provoked by Thais or a mental issue or whatever.

But I have never heard of a Thai being arrested for racially abusing foreigners, that's probably because it never happens ?!

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7 hours ago, Skallywag said:

This guy is likely on meth or crank or yaba or simply an ignorant redneck

Also think some who grow up listening to Rap music become unnecessarily violent and deluded.

My generation grew up on Rock and Roll, Motown, and Pop and are all well-adjusted.  (Y)

Rap "music" ???? 

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1 hour ago, maddox41 said:

The thai Immagration slogan good guys in bad guys out so they let him off to appear in court in December if they can find him?? By then 

Put the nut job on a plane back to the good old USA and let  them deal with him 


Can anyone say "False Flag",

probable contract agent to help push the "Bad Falang" narrative,

for support of more restrictions to be coming in the future.

Any one look into his Thai Family connections ?

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This guy has been arrested before for smashing a window near Pratu Taphae and threatening to kill people. He's clearly mentally ill. He was also talking about raping and killing on facebook.


He also believes he is being watched 24/7 by the CIA.


Total scum and needs psychiatric help.

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8 hours ago, ezzra said:

Like the guy who just the other day opened the airplane door while taxiing for no reason other than what his wacky deluded brain of his told him to do so, there're so many deranged and unstable people walking among us just waiting for the right moment to explode...

You mean...The wrong moment!!!!😎

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