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Let's make Pattaya a green and pleasant paradise for tourists: clean-up underway

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20 hours ago, bristolgeoff said:

using water if a drought is on the cards not a good idea.but another plan for pattaya to be a city of whatever it needs to attract tourist.my friend said at holloween was dead and a story here told it.i imagine it is still the same for the high season to come

Actualy the tourists are back in Pattaya

not a huge crowd however, and most are indians

some places are doing pretty good (Bukkhao area) 

but some others (Like walking street) are clearly dying

and the beach is deserted most of the time.

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Positive development! At least there is awareness that you have to put your best foot forward to attract tourists. Sure, the execution may be lacking but it's a start.


Sadly, this awareness is sadly missing where I live: Chiang Mai.

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