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Is This the Death Knell for the Cheap Charlies in Thailand?

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1 hour ago, ExpatOK said:

Thank you. I have a big crush on her and I hear she's single now.  But, alas, I don't have money, nor am I her brother.🙁

They do say love is  blind but you seem to have had both eyes  gouged out😮

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I suppose I could be called a Cheap Charlie. My GF cuts my hair for me, and buys secondhand clothes for me. I don't squander money on expensive meals. Just once in a while, as a treat. If I'm buying a

I take it from you post that you consider yourself a Cheap Charlie. So why not leave now before you find it too expensive and difficult to enjoy Thailand and leave us others alone. Thanks.

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59 minutes ago, giddyup said:

You notice more and more leaving Thailand. How exactly. Are you doing a survey at the airport?

The problem is that there are not enough foreigners at the airports,
neither in arrivals nor departures to conduct a reliable survey .

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2 hours ago, ExpatOK said:

I notice more and more Cheap Charlies leaving Thailand.  No longer do our tales of woe convince the Thais to give us discounts on meals consisting of only pork and rice. No more phony Embassy letters for retirement visas.  And now there is talk of requiring the expensive Thai health insurance

As long as your ATM card will get you a few thousand baht - no need to leave



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9 minutes ago, scubascuba3 said:

Most guys came to Thailand because it was cheap although many guys on here pretend otherwise. They also came for the women but again many guys on here pretend they don't pay for it

Everybody I know came here to work. I arrived in '96 from Jakarta as a PM in Bangkok ...You need to widen your circle of friends if most of the people you know only came here because it was cheap and only came for the women. Unless of course you are talking about people that you have never met or spoken to.

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16 minutes ago, grego49 said:

My 89baht breakfast at cheap charlies,so i guess i am one,5555


And just where did you get that lot for 89b ??? ...........TELL MEEEEEEEE !!!!

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