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Spcy Korean Noodles Food Colouring

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My son has discovered Korean Samyang Ramen Noodles.

They're definitely spicier than any Thai packet noodles, which is fine apart from the appalling bright orange food colouring in them. They're ten times more expensive than the Thai ones.


I was washing the dishes after he'd eaten them and realised everything was bright orange. Not only was it difficult to remove, it was even on my fingers afterwards.

I don't know if it's safe, as it seems so strong.

I've attached pics of them. I don't know if the images are clear enough to see what the colouring might be, and if it's harmless?






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My son loves them too.  I have the same reaction as you when I do the dishes.  I do not know if it's safe but I avoid touching the sauce left (not to mention the smell) I throw it in the garden.  I think it's harmless otherwise we would have negative reports.  our young ones even drink  coca ... that said I always tell my son I don’t know what your stomach’d look like!

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