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Man robs two Family Mart stores at knife-point

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5 hours ago, Blue bruce said:

Now i am not a Thai basher but why does not the headline say Thai Man robs Family mart. If it  was a farang the headlines would say FOREIGNER robs Family mart at knife point. Always a difference between Thai and farang when reporting the news. Bad farang

So now you understand how it works...... If any news does not specify a farang..... then it must be a 'Thai'........... (Or Arab, African, or other 'Alien')

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Why do they have to mention the name of the staff and where they are from?

I hope he paid for the knife, otherwise that's stealing

I think it's such a crazy Thai habit to use full names. Even if someone is arrested, you are only guilty if a judge decides that you are. Mentioning real names is ridiculous. Even if you are not guilt

On 11/11/2019 at 5:51 AM, webfact said:

still visibly affected by the robbery.

what does that mean? Physically affected or shock? Has anyone been hurt? What’s the name of the guy who committed that crime? What has he actually stolen? How long after the call did the police appear? Have they arrested him already? Well, now with this coverage that it was him who robbed the store where X and Y worked when it happened he will probably just leave the country.... I feel really really sorry for the girls and I believe there should be some compensation (even though money does never cover the fear and the pictures in their heads cannot be compensated especially since their names got mentioned Poor reporting indeed! Is anyone actually checking the scripts on TV and the article in the news?

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