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Qantas pledges to slash emissions as number of environmentally conscious travelers grows

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Complete and utter tosh from Qantas. They fly some of the longest non-stop routes in aviation today, using equipment (380’s to the US in particular) that burn 100+ tonnes of fuel more than alternative equipment would. The slightly lower seating capacity of alternative aircraft doesn’t equate to lower seat/kg fuel burn gain. This is an airline that has historically taken aircraft designed around 7-9 hour sector lengths to maximise payload and done the exact opposite. Fill it with fuel and then determine how much paying cargo (self loading or otherwise) can be carried. Management there has traditionally had a cranium inserted into their anus when it comes to operational matters. The BS that flies to ‘explain or justify’ such ‘challenges’ as this is a perfect example. Just not as amusing as ‘Yes Minister’


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Yes, imagine if all this is a giant hoax and we try to make the world a cleaner better place for no good reason.

Mass delusion on a scale never before seen.  How will this drama ultimately play out?  I predict this delusion, and so many others currently being played out, become so grotesque that they can no long

Managed money and bank finance is moving away from carbon intensive industries. Coal fired power for instance. The old men yelling at the sky we see on threads like this may think this is pure

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