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Looking for a veterinarian who will spay a pregnant cat.

She's not yet six months old, I took her to my local vet to be spayed last week but will not do the procedure due to the fact that the foetuses are 4 to 5 weeks old and have developed heart beats.

I'm already looking after six other cats of similar age and cannot cope with any more.

Any contacts, or alternative ideas, gratefully received.


NB Moderators - please leave in the Chiang Mai forum as vets in other parts of the country are of no use to me I need the local contacts, thanks.


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Have been searching around and found 

Santisook Dog and Cat Rescue

and Adopt Meow Chiang Mai.

However, I have been unable to contact either of them.

Emails aren't delivered, Facebook messages aren't replied to and I tried calling the phone number for Santisook but "there is not acknowledgement from the requested number".


Does anybody know if these organisations are still in existence and, if so, any way of contacting them?



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I have been out to Santisook recently.  They’re still there.


No, they don’t answer their voicemail or email with any sort of professional regularity, but they’re there.


I recommend going before lunchtime, and a gift of cat food, litter or  bedding is always a nice gesture (even if they won’t answer the damn phone).


Ask for Fon, the director.

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Nothing to do with health of the mother and it is quite possible physically to do this but requires that the Vet also abort the pregnancy. Which I doubt any Thai vet will agree to do.


I once had this done unintentionally, didn't know the cat was pregnant as it was very very early in the prwgnancy. The Vet found out only once he had already begun the surgery and at that point had to continue but was very upset about it.

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Thanks for the replies.

Yes, Sheryl is correct. Was told by the vet they will not abort unless the health of the mother requires it.

My vet will only put down an animal IF there is no hope AND it is in pain.



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