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So fed up with atm rip off every time I want to get some cash. Therefore my Thai lady will open a new bank account for my use. What I would like to know is the best way of transferring from my English

Can't you just pay her using her bank account?   Open your own bank account when next in Thailand.   For Transfers Transferwise is good

Why don't you open a bank account in YOUR name? No offense but you 'll not be the first after you have transferred a lot of money on HER new account she is not anymore your lady and goodluck

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10 minutes ago, sillyfool said:

don't know that one. 

A ponzi scheme that use cryptocurrencies. Some people like to equate cryptocurrencies to scam because they don't understand them. 

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Just now, Lacessit said:

In Thailand, IMO the best way to utilize your money is to have a savings passbook. Withdrawals and deposits are free, provided you are banking in the same province as where you open the account. I deal in cash only, have a debit card for emergencies.

I use a telegraphic transfer of fairly large sums once or twice a year. Fixed fee of $30, plus the exchange rate imposed by the Thai bank.

Under no circumstances try to transfer from your home country in Thai baht. You are then subject to Dynamic Currency Conversion ( DCC ), which is the polite way of saying we are going to rob you blind.

Unless you bank with TMB and there are NO charges for out of province use.

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