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So fed up with atm rip off every time I want to get some cash. Therefore my Thai lady will open a new bank account for my use. What I would like to know is the best way of transferring from my English

Can't you just pay her using her bank account?   Open your own bank account when next in Thailand.   For Transfers Transferwise is good

Why don't you open a bank account in YOUR name? No offense but you 'll not be the first after you have transferred a lot of money on HER new account she is not anymore your lady and goodluck

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1 hour ago, Tayaout said:

A ponzi scheme that use cryptocurrencies. Some people like to equate cryptocurrencies to scam because they don't understand them. 

i was thinking more along the lines of tether. 2 bank accounts, 2 ledgers, pretty pain free and totally legal. 


scuba steve must not have read up on modern times.

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9 hours ago, BRUFC said:

To answer the OP. I just checked Transferwise, which I've been using monthly for 18 months. To Transfer £1700 pounds today would cost you £11.04 in fees, so they'll covert £1688.96 and 'your' account will receive 65562.39 baht. Whether the Thai bank will charge for receiving I couldn't say. Mine doesn't. Without fail the baht are here the next working day, although I've read here on TV that some members have had their money within hours.

BKK Bank does not charge fees for TransferWise transfers.

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3 minutes ago, Moonlover said:

No bank makes a charge.

That depends on the destination bank and branch. If Transferwise send the money via BKK Bank, but then they send it on to a different bank in Nakorn Nowhere you may have to pay the normal fee for a domestic transfer for an interbank/inter province transaction

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7 hours ago, sillyfool said:

judge much ? 


i see you are not well informed. crypto and blockchain is the future. sillyfool is the name of a popular thai rock band. 


a few minutes research would show you that tether is a stable coin tied to the USD. with generally less than 1% change in price at any given time. this coin could be bought through a bank account in england and sent to a ledger. then resend the coins to another ledger tied to a newly opened thai bank account. then send the money into the thai bank. a few accounts on a exchange like coinfield and your good to go. 


i am only using tether as an example of what is possible. 


you'll have those chime in about the process.... but they can't see the forest for the trees. 

Soon everyone will be using them without even knowing it. 








To try stay on topic, I think wire transfer or transferwise is still easier for most older people to wrap their head around. However if the OP needs to send regular small amount then those options are probably more expensive than using USDT, USDC or DAI to transfer assets without exposure to traditional cryptocurrencies volatility. 

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I use my no fees Halifax Clarity card whenever I can over here. Whenever I buy petrol for the car, shop in Big C or Tesco Lotus or go out for a meal. The exchange rate is the Mastercard rate which is very competitive, I pay no fees and I pay the bill direct from my UK bank account once a month. I only use cash in bars and shops/market that doesnt take cards. No need to keep sending tons of cash over. In the UK spending on credit/debit cards has overtaken cash. There are even bars and venues that are cashless now, all transactions are on card.

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22 hours ago, scubascuba3 said:

Can't you just pay her using her bank account?


Open your own bank account when next in Thailand.


For Transfers Transferwise is good

THe big issue when transferring money to Thailand is your bank in your home country charging extremely adverse exchange rates. UK banks are particularly bad.


Transferwise is very good at this and they charge you the mid-point of the exchange rate. They quote you exactly what it will cost first, including the transfer fee.


To get Transferwise you need to register with them online. This is a little onerous but well-worth your time.

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TransferWise is the way to go - most definitely, and for several reasons:


- you have full knowledge/control of fees and exchange rate

- your transfer from your bank to TransferWise in your home country is free to negligible (local bank transfer)

- there's no transfer/landing fee in Thailand (local bank transfer)

- the exchange rate is fixed when you initiate the transfer with TransferWise, and it's way (WAY!) better than anything you could get from any bank, in either country. Thai banks give you a "TT" (telex transfer) rate that's better than their street (note) exchange rate, but that doesn't mean it's in any way fair! Plus they never show you the catalog of expenses unless you ask for a detailed print-out - you'll be surprised what you find there...

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