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Finger shown to ambulance: Benz driver doesn't show up as company rep says sorry instead

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Finger shown to ambulance: Benz driver doesn't show up as company rep says sorry instead



Thai caption: Sorry.....on behalf of the driver

Photo credit: Sanook

A representative of a Ramkhamhaeng, Bangkok, company went to a Sri Racha hospital to apologize to a patient yesterday after one of their staff showed his middle finger to an ambulance with its siren wailing. 
But the actual driver didn't bother to turn up and face the music. 
The incident happened on Saturday as a Phyathai hospital ambulance was taking a sick person to hospital. The driver showed his middle finger in contempt after deliberately blocking the progress of the ambulance. 
He then sped off the expressway. 
Yesterday Kunwadee Thamrongthanakit - a representative of the company that owns the black Mercedes Benz - turned up at the hospital with a basket of flowers to say sorry. 
She said that the driver was not coming and didn't explain why to Daily News. 
Picture: Daily News
She just said that she couldn't say more and didn't want to escalate the matter. 
She did however add that their employee will face the full force of the company's disciplinary procedures. It is up to the company what that means. 
The wife of the sick person in the ambulance said she was satisfied with the apology saying that it didn't matter to her that the driver didn't show himself - he knows what he has done. 
She hoped the case would mean people would get out of the way of ambulances in the future. 
Daily News made no mention of police involvement.
The driver would face a measly fine of 500 baht though a top lawyer indicated yesterday citing a more serious law that he could be sent to jail for a month and/or fined 10,000 baht. 
That would be up to the police and courts to decide. 
Source: Daily News
-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-11-12
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