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New electricity meters

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3 hours ago, treetops said:

Photo Number 3 is the date.  251119 or 25th November 2019.


Duh 😞 I even have files with that date format in the filenames, looked straight past it.

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smart meters are a danger, they emit high frequency fields....100 x more than wifi....

The Smart Meter subject is a very serious matter....I will not go into it all here but I would not let them put one on my house under any circumstance....

The option may not be that attractive.

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23 hours ago, Crossy said:
  1. Supply voltage
  2. LCD segment test
  3. Not sure, the 1s are not smaller, it's just the way the LCD is arranged
  4. Time
  5. Energy used (units)
  6. Supply voltage again
  7. Supply current.

2 is interesting as it shows a nice fat left pointing arrow which could indicate "export". It remains to be seen how these react to net-metering solar.


Perhaps #3 is the date!

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21 hours ago, Crossy said:


There's not much on the net yet, must be a pretty new unit.


But they do have a cellular interface so remote reading is possible, they also have a contactor (relay) so they can cut you off (and re-connect) remotely too.


Interesting, so how do you tell the difference between being cut-off remotely by the PEA by mistake (it does happen, unfortunately!) and having a major electric fault specific to your house/supply that's caused a black-out?

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