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Do I have to stop reading ThaiVisa.com ???

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I used the Connect app on an iPhone and after the initial ad when you open it was never bothered again, I tried Thaivisa via the Tapatalk app and again don’t recall many ads.

Now Thaivisa on mobile browser ( Safari on iOS), now that is full of ads covering the notifications and generally getting in the way with the drop down format.


Bring back Connect app I say !!

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the perceived wisdom here seems to be in your face advertising works;


- the promotional girls in shopping malls and their cranked up PAs

- the noisy ads on public transportation

- watch thai tv and you'll see adverts popping up all over the screen, banners across the screen, blatant product placement...


and maybe advertising methods that would annoy and turn off people back home work here. the thing to bear in mind is that the user base here is predominantly foreigners and possibly more nuanced, subtle and creative advertising would be more effective, it would certainly be less annoying.

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