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1st time 90 day reporting please help.

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Good Evening All,

                                 Could anyone please let me know what documents I would I require to take with me when I go to CW Bangkok to do a 1st time 90 day report. My wife and I would really appreciate your help in this matter. Is registering and reporting on line easy? bearing in mind that neither my wife or myself are very I.T. minded. Also if I was going to down load the App would it need to be a mobile with a Thai number or can it be done from my U.K. mobile phone.

                                 Thanking you in advance.


                                 Kind Regards.

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37 minutes ago, bangkok 2016 said:

I don't know, maybe someone can advise us. So please help if you can point me in the right direction in regards to the the TM30. 

If you have been in the country coming up to 90 days and are staying in a condo or a house you might get fined 800 baht, seems to have been a bit of a lull in the fining of people so it seems. 

Just take a copy of your lease or the house book if you have one and the people at the desk will be happy to help you out while you fill it in. 

Everything else should be in your passport TM6 and stamps. 

Do the 90 day first and don't mention the TM30, if they mention it then it will take a while longer. 

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Thanks for the input Berybert. We are renting a condo and the landlord has confirmed that she has done the TM30 and sent a screenshot which shows our names, passport number, address of the condo and date of arrival. I assume that would be sufficient if asked for a TM30. 

 My 90 day report is not due until early January 2020 and our original plan was to go to a neighbouring country but with current issue with the Health Insurance, we thought that doing a 90 day report will be easier as our Visa is a OA pre 31st October. 

 Once again many thanks but if you feel that we need anything else or other advice please let me know. 

Kind Regards. 

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