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Japanese Firms Ban Women From Wearing Eyeglasses

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Discussions on women’s dress code in the workplace have erupted on Japanese social media following reports that some companies are preventing female employees from wearing glasses at work.


Media outlets in Japan, including the Nippon TV network, alleged that companies had different reasons for “banning” eyewear for female employees, reports Japan Times.


Among the reasons cited by firms include issues of safety for airline workers and being unable to see products properly for women in the cosmetics industry. According to the reports, some retail chains concluded that shop assistants who wore glasses look “cold” and leave a negative impression on customers.


Kyoto University of Foreign Studies sociology professor Kumiko Nemoto found the given reasons absurd, noting that such ideas reflected “old, traditional Japanese” mentality.


“The reasons why women are not supposed to wear glasses… really don’t make sense. It’s all about gender. It’s pretty discriminatory,” she was quoted by the BBC as saying.


“It’s not about how women do their work. The company… values the women’s appearance as being feminine and that’s opposite to someone who wears glasses.”


Since it was not made clear whether the prohibitions were enforced policies, accepted workplace practices or a mix of both, the topic was widely discussed among internet users.


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