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Thailand saying "NO!" to plastic bags: End in sight as January 1st "D-Day" looms

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...and I'll bet that 90% of the items inside those bags are prepacked with plastic.

No more rubber condoms either. The ecologically friendly prophylactic is now a hollowed out aubergine or cucumber.   Soon to be on sale in green supermarkets.

The public here are used to being kept in the dark, so no great surprise there. I would hazard a guess that a very significant amount of plastic bags are used more by the market or talat sellers,

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3 hours ago, Misterwhisper said:

Some might be content with a hollowed-out gherkin.

Cucumber to big for tiny little man. In America we refer to smaller sized condoms as "Kiddie Condoms" suitable for Asian men 😁

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17 minutes ago, Ramdas said:

Don’t you wander why they've used a westerner’s photo instead of a thai person to highlight their downfalls and misinformation they give to their own people ? 😒


A westerner with a white rope around his wrist, he just got married to be able to get the Non-O 😂



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I agree a start needs to be made. I reuse my store bags as bin bags so if they are no more I will have to buy bin liners( hopefully biodegradable) as I’m sure will a lot of other people. What about food plastic bags, drinks cups etc I see Intranin (I think that’s how you spell it) coffee are using bio cups which rot down in landfill. There are so many biodegradable options now maybe that’s the way to go.

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Nothing will change come Jan 1st...


prime example....Rim ping market in CM has no plastic bag on Wed given out....they provide cardboard boxes...


it has been six months maybe longer and I am the only one I have ever seen to bring my own cloth bag...


thais and expats living here are just too lazy and ignorant to modify their behavior... 


the store is to blame b/c providing boxes has no effect on behavioral change since it requires the customer to do nothing...

change means change and the gov/private businesses are too worried about taking people out of their comfort zone. We can’t tell people what to do....

Apathy abound in a traditional and status quo society....



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14 minutes ago, zydeco said:

Realize that the hysteria over plastic bags is a matter of religion. Many Westerners in Thailand have spiritually empty lives and need something to fasten on to. The plastic bag hysteria is an easy answer. They want to be missionaries, spreading the gospel of hating plastic. One hundred years ago, these same people would have been all over Southeast Asia trying to bring Jesus to Thailand.

Then you got fools that think plastic bags are not a problem and have never seen the floating garbage fields of plastic in the oceans. Its all a matter of being informed. 


Also you got foreigners that believe we as Westerners have anything to say about these things in Thailand, this is thought of and implemented by Thais. Not because any westerner wanted it. 

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