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Chalong’s Soi Palai closed, five cars damaged as crane tuck fells power lines

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Chalong’s Soi Palai closed, five cars damaged as crane tuck fells power lines

By The Phuket News



Chalong Mayor Samran Jindapon (right) at the scene on Soi Palai today (Nov 13). Photo: PR Dept

PHUKET:-- Chalong Mayor Samran Jindapon today ordered the popular street Soi Palai closed after a crane truck snagged power lines and brought down nine power pylons, leaving residents in the area without electricity supply.

Five vehicles were damaged along the busy street, which leads to Palai Pier and includes Phuket Zoo and Nemo Dolphinarium.


Fortunately no one was hurt in the incident, reported Mayor Samran.

Full Story: https://www.thephuketnews.com/chalong-soi-palai-closed-five-cars-damaged-as-crane-tuck-fells-power-lines-73630.php#OuPt16leLc1bSkR7.97



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"The truck pulled down nine power poles in total, dragging them down onto vehicles parked along the road."
Two issues - the excessive weight of the 100's of cables attached to the poles and the poles are not properly embedded in the earth.  It goes without saying that the crane truck operator did not apply any safety clearances.

Table 4-1. - Depth for Setting Poles in Soil or Rock

20 5.0 3.0
25 5.5 3.5
30 5.5 4.0
35 6.0 4.0
40 6.0 4.0
45 6.5 4.5
50 7.0 4.5
55 7.5 5.0
60 6.0


Another construction standard states: " Poles are typically set into the ground: 10% of the overall height + 2 feet, except in questionable soil conditions. "
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