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Daily Telegraph paywall down for 25 hours

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Telegraph is celebrating with the paywall down.


Read all the Premium articles for free while you can.

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Thanks for the heads up. Free access until 7am (GMT?) Thursday (14th) as a 25th online birthday present.


I well recall linking to the DT website back in 1995/96, when located in deepest Kelantan, Malaysia, via a telephone link to a node in Kota Bharu at 48k. The 'tuneful' noise as the connection was made is still a vivid memory!! No TV coverage was possible in the jungle location so following the likes of F1 via lap by lap updates on this new fangled internet was a wonder to behold. Live footie  had to wait until the Astro satellite came on stream in late 1996. 


Some might say it was a hardship posting, but, being in close proximity to the Thai border with easy weekend access, most would not agree.:whistling:



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