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Tempted by the 16-inch MacBook Pro?

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had a chance to see new macbook pro 16". 




1 . heavy. about the same weight as my 2012 macbook pro. why spend so much to end up with another heavy in my backpack laptop? i could see some video editors needing the horsepower though.

for my normal uses not worth the money for the weight


2 nice screen


3 miss the illuminated apple cutout


4 if lg can make a 2.95 lb 17 inch laptop why can't apple make a light 16 " ?? instead of 4.3 lbs.




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On 11/14/2019 at 12:37 PM, Tayaout said:

I wouldn't pay for it. If it was free then I would install Arch Linux on it. 

Yep, I was tempted for about a millisecond, and I might have bought one at about half the price. Still, tell you what. If ever I feel the need to have someone stick their hand in my pocket and take all my money then give me a few emojis in return, I'll hotfoot it down to the nearest Apple store. There's always a small crowd of wannabe hisos down there. One born every minute...

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