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Thai tourism: Joy as the Russians come back in their thousands!

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Chinese, Indians and Russians. Spitting, shìtting and shouting.

Methinks the tourist authorities are clutching at straws.....

Nice to know that the Russians are the answer to the tourism dilemma . Personally i find groups of Russians not only extremely rude and pushy, but loud and arrogant. Pity the locals having to put

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The Russians spend much more than people from western Europe. I'm have been living in Russia before. I know about it. 

Only problems with Russian that they spend to much money in bar, get drunk and like to box people around.


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1 hour ago, shackleton said:

When I was last in Hua  Hin  there were Russian families

staying at our hotel found them to be very sociable and friendly people

I’d agree with that. At Jomtien beach I’ve found the Russians to be well behaved and friendly, most are individual families rather than large tour groups. Have had conversations with the odd one who speaks some English, and was even given some fruit once. I’m going to have to revise my Russian for “I’m sorry, I don’t speak Russian”.

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8 hours ago, SteveK said:

So they're going crazy about 4000 Russians - 0.01% of the year's visitors?

It’s not 4 thousand it’s one charter before Xmas and one charter for Songkran ... This article was expected ... Its called buying time and fingers crossed “;0)

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7 hours ago, ezzra said:

I think it's not about the quantity more like the quality.. and with the Russian winter starting to bite, many more will come...

But not sure the quality is here, they come in charter (Low cost tickets) probably with an all inclusive reservation (Hotel and breakfeast) and looking at the photo they don't even have the money to buy beach towels (No need to talk about paying 100 bhats for a deck chair and an umbrella) so how much bahts are they going to inject in the local economy? Not so much imo

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