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Samui: Russian on huge overstay arrested while having his lunch!

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They could have let him finish his lunch, regards worgeordie

Let me get this straight: The guy had 8 years overstay but he carried his passport with him when he had lunch so that the police could check it. Really?  

Why is he disgusting? He broke the immigration law and that is obviously not good but disgusting is taking it a bit to far.

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23 minutes ago, Scot123 said:

What a nasty twisted person you are. Revelling in someone's ill fortune. Yes he overstayed, he has been caught and he will suffer and be treated worse than a dog for who knows how long before being deported and your cheering. Phew... 

When am I cheering? As usual I post my opinion, and I do not like overstayers. That he will be treated like a dog, and maybe not know when he can come home is not my fault. That he made all by himself. He probably like self-inflicted mental pain. There is no need to overstay, and there is no valid excuse for it.

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7 hours ago, OneMoreFarang said:

Let me get this straight: The guy had 8 years overstay but he carried his passport with him when he had lunch so that the police could check it.



Where did you read that?


I mean what's the guy going to do, deny it's him?


You really think they can't do anything just because your passport is somewhere else?

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3 minutes ago, timendres said:

Putting aside an obvious valid excuse for overstay, such as being injured and in the hospital,

Not a valid excuse. If you are in hospital and can not take yourself home, then you contact Immigration and they will give you an extension for that reason. If you are very injured like in coma, then you will probalby have friends or relatives that can arrange the extension and valid stay for you.

3 minutes ago, timendres said:

let's just assume this guy's excuse was "I don't want to leave, and I cannot get a proper visa".

It´s not his choice to make. He then engage in a criminal act by breaking the Immigration law. Everybody can get a proper visa. Thailand has rules, that clearly state that there is onbly possible to get long stay visas for marriage, having children in Thailand, retirement over 50 or Thai Elite that you have to pay for. Other people are on Tourist visas, which no longer can be used for staying permanently, because they are not created for that reason. 

That means that a person that not fit in for getting long stay visa only can use the tourist visa, and have to obey the rules regarding those. In all other cases Thailand is not the right place to chose. Very easy to understand.

3 minutes ago, timendres said:

It is not likely that he committed crimes, injured Thais, took away employment from needy Thai, or otherwise created a negative impact on society.

He broke the Immigration law, which is a criminal offense in Thailand. And this is about Thailand, right?

3 minutes ago, timendres said:

He simply broke an immigration law on overstay, and he will pay the penalty for his choice. Not sure why this is "disgusting" to some people. Personally, I reserve my "disgust" for the really bad characters, such as those who prey on children or the weak.

Yes, here you write that he broke the law, som you are somehow contradicting yourself from before. Sure, that happens. Never mind. Oh, I have a much better words for the harder offenses. Like retards, evil, sub human or monster for some examples. All overstayers are disgusting to me, because they brake the law and makes us all stand in a bad light.

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4 minutes ago, NanLaew said:

You reckon 'it leads' to a bad reputation? I reckon that has been well earned already.


The rule-tightening can't in any way be attributed to the 'bad apples' theory. We have collectively passed our use-by date regardless of how long, legitimate and legal our immigration status is here. It's probably written in the Thailand 4.0's social engineering handbook.

Thanks for posting total nonsense. What facts are you basing this post on?

I can tell you immediately, that it´s not written in Thailand 4.0.

What this is, is just a poor try to act like a doomsday prophet.

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