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The Athletic - anybody tried it yet?

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Couple of football writers i like have been signed up by The Athletic website to provide content, such as Sam Lee (covers MCFC) and Daniel Taylor. It also covers other sports like boxing, American football.




Right now they have an offer of free 30 days, then first year subs at 50% or £30 year, rising to full price in 2nd year of £60.




While I'm not keen on the concept of paying for content, ive read some of Sam's stuff which is excellent and  informative (seen him interviewed a few times also) and ex-Guardian's DT is one of the best football writers around, so i thought I'd try it out.


Ps. If posting the links is not allowed a Mod can delete them but leave the text.

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So i signed up on the deal mentioned above about a week ago and have been very impressed.


I've worked my way back and read every article on MCFC since The Athletic was launched in early August, probably in excess of 30 articles and all have been informative and enjoyable. For example i now know why we didn't get a CB after Kompany left, which i hadn't read anywhere else.


I set up the website with my preferences, so it shows all articles about MCFC or referencing MCFC - you can set it up by team or teams or leagues or sports. 


There's 2 emails today - bit like the Guardian's Fiver.


There's NO site advertising.


There's no clickbait articles.


Just very well written lengthy articles by very good journos (wish they'd  sign up David Conn and Henry Winter).


I really recommend it to you if you like a good footy read.



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