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Viral video: Wife and child had enough of this taxi driving nutter!

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Viral video: Wife and child had enough of this taxi driving nutter!



Thai caption: Cutting in front - and some!


A six minute video going viral on Thai social media is well worth watching in its entirety.


It is dash cam footage from a car driven by a man who is constantly being cut up by a taxi driver who has two passengers in the back.


The taxi driver stops dangerously nearly causing several collisions. 


Finally both the taxi and the dash cam car stop on a bridge outbound on the Rattanathibet Road heading through Nonthaburi. 


The taxi driver repeatedly swears at the other driver and bashes his vehicle. 


Clearly having had enough a woman and boy exit the taxi and make phone calls by the side of the road. 


The taxi driver tries to persuade them to get back in but they are reluctant to do so.


Other people slowly gather at the scene before the dash cam driver - who had repeatedly apologized and said he meant nothing by it - leaves the scene. 


The Department of Land Transport called in the taxi driver who said that he had been to a wedding and was on his way home to Bang Yai. The woman and boy were his wife and son, not paying passengers. 


He blamed the other driver for starting it by dangerously cutting in front of him twice. 


Sanook did not report that any action was taken against either driver. 


Source: Sanook




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-11-14
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Both drivers at fault . Very sad for the boy to see his dad acting like an idiot .

No firearms? No machete swinging? No golf clubs/baseball bats? No bloody brawl?   Boring.

Ah, the old, "he started it" argument. Usually endorsed by 7 year olds. 

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3 hours ago, CharlieH said:

We don't know what started it. It is clear from the footage the cam car is changing lanes rapidly and possibly trying to evade the cab driver. The cab driver clearly upset etc but what made him like that ????

I am not excusing him in any way, but we don't know what happened prior, we only saw the outcome.

Regardless the cab driver was wrong to react in that way, even more so with passengers onboard and a child !!

Agreed.  However I believe the dash cam guy also aggravated the situation by continually racing to the front.  He would have been better off slowing down and letting the taxi driver disappear in the distance.    Would have been interesting to view earlier dash cam footage.

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