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Industry ministry warns of one-sided info on factory closures

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Industry ministry warns of one-sided info on factory closures




Krichanont Iyapunya


In response to recent news of factory closures and consequent terminations of employment, the Ministry of Industry’s deputy spokesman, Krichanont Iyapunya today made the point that the Ministry had received more requests for new factories than notifications of closures, saying that between January 1 to November 12 of 2019, there were 1,391 requests to close factories and 2,889 requests to open new ones.


“This information shows that the situation is not as gloomy as reported. A total of 84,033 jobs were created by new businesses and an additional 84,704 jobs to support expansion of existing factories while unemployment due to factory closure stood at 35,533 persons.”


He added that new investment in the factory business was Bt431.2 million, an increase of 36.6 per cent over last year.


“Thais should not be alarmed by this one-sided information” he stressed. “It is entirely wrong to say that the factory sector is shrinking.”


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30378329



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2019-11-14
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4 hours ago, mikebell said:

Lies; damn lies and statistics.  And Mazda announced a ban on overtime this morning.

Is Mazda a Partner with Ford in what is called " The Auto Alliance " ?

If so that would mean the Number 1 Pickup Truck in Thailand ( Ford Ranger ) sales are falling badly.

There are some interesting times ahead me thinks.


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9 hours ago, farmerjo said:

It's a cycle to get rid of deadwood.


Sure factories always close but to truly know what is going on they should have looked at size of factories stopping and starting not just the amounts alone. But that would require a lot more research.

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