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Requirements Non-B / Work Permit

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Dear community, 

My company (Co.,Ltd. in Bangkok with 2 Mio THB capital and majority in Thai hands) is set up. Now I would like to verify some information that I received from the lawyer regarding the further steps to apply for visa and work permit.


I used to read that the staff requirement (4 Thai people) is connected to the extension of stay and not to the work permit. Now I see that social security payment has to be proven when applying for the WP3 letter. Is that correct and is that Bangkok specific?


We serve our customers at their premises but because of the requirements we have rented an office space. What is the recommended position that should be written on the work permit so I'm not expected to stay at the office all day? And what about the staff? They will also be out of the office most of the time. 


I was also told that at least one staff member needs to earn more than 26,000 THB per month in order to pay payroll tax, which is another requirement for getting a work permit? 

Thank you for clarification.

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