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Shakedown Street...

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On 11/16/2019 at 9:28 AM, holy cow cm said:

Yeah the Africans never bug me, but they are a presence. For the Go Go scene, it is only a must when people come into town and I am showing them around. It is expensive and I generally don't like forking out dough unnecessarily but it can be fun. But please excuse me for asking again as I was always tending to think that the police action was down by the Emporium. I have never seen a shake down between Soi Cowboy walking all the way down to Nana on the north side. Are you saying it happens right there? Or after crossing the intersection side of Soi 
Cowboy then going the other direction towards the Emporium? I actually take updates like this serious so to be on the look out. Although I never carry my passport. Don't believe in it.


Photo shops such as kodak will copy your passport details   ID page  Visa stamp, etc and laminate them  about the size of a credit card. 100 baht.

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aka Sukhumvit Road.  I posted lasted week about feeling uneasy about walking around Silom, and was roasted, if not simply ridiculed, which I couldn't care less about.  Hopefully, some of our fellow ex

Life must be an absolute blast !!!! 

If you're not in bed asleep by 1 a.m., you fully deserve to pay a 5,000 baht fine. More fool you!

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