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Prostitution, the CIA, David Bowie and Patpong – Undercover in Bangkok infamous red light district

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Ping Pong shows? Can anyone explain? Is this a table tennis exhibition?    

Full on live sex shows and  ping pong balls , blow darts and bananas flying all over the place .   Holding a ballon up awaiting a dart to come flying out a vagina aiming to burst the  ballon is a

Patpong was never as good as it's reputation, at least in the early 90s. Upstairs were ripoff joints for the unwary, and down stairs were bog standard gogos. It probably survived more on notoriet

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8 minutes ago, bendejo said:

And David Bowie? He visited the area back in 1983, shot a video clip there, and ‘got lost’ for quite a while, so the story goes.

Anyone know what video it was?  My first guess is China Girl. 


This movie, released while the Viet Nam War was still happening, helped give Thailand, and Patpong, it's image. 

And answers @PatOngo 's question.



I just watched the entire "official" VDO and nothing at all in it suggests Patpong or even Thailand.

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4 minutes ago, sanemax said:

Upstairs at Pink Panthers in Patpong was as good as its reputation . 

Guess I missed that one. In all the upstairs bars I tried the "buy me a drink" was too much, so I stayed downstairs.

Then I discovered Nana and never went back, except to remind myself why I didn't go there.

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