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Improved and faster public taxi service promised at Suvarnabhumi by year's end

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Improved and faster public taxi service promised at Suvarnabhumi by year's end




Authorities at Bangkok's main airport Suvarnabhumi have promised an improved and faster taxi service on the first floor of the airport. 


Refurbishment and replacement work will take place until December 29th between doors 4 and 7.


Twelve new machines will be installed to replace the ten old ones at what Thai media 77kaoded called the "Taxi Kiosk".


Under road sensors will also be replaced in batches of eight. This will mean some disruption in two shifts between the hours of 7 am and 3 pm and midnight and 7am. 


The sensors are used to automatically alert when cars leave the area so that a replacement can come forward. 


Director Sutherawat Suwannawat said that this will speed things up when the work is completed.


A sign says "sorry for the inconvenience" but notes that taxi service remains uninterrupted throughout the refurbishment period. 


Source: 77kaoded




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-11-15
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7 hours ago, webfact said:

Refurbishment and replacement work will take place.....

If refurbishment and replacement refers to better/cleaner taxis and qualified drivers, they may be onto a winner.

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I got a taxi from Suvarnabhumi recently. Got my ticket and was directed to Lane 1 for my taxi. Problem with these self serve machines is that there isn't a record of which car picks up which passenger. 


My trip was to Bang Yai which is 63km away, and usually sub 500bht incl tollway fees. This cab on the same route had already clocked up 65km &  450bht and was still only on the motorway to BKK.. I said to the driver his meter was faulty and he abruptly pulled to the side and suggested I get out and find another taxi or minibus.. Fearing he'd dump me off and take off with my luggage still in the boot, I told him to continue.. 96km and 900bht on the meter I arrived in Bang Yai.. Too dark at night to note the taxi no or photo the meter and his reg card.. 


At least at DM the taxi rank is handled manually and the driver fills in his taxi details on a log book linked to your receipt.. If there is a problem your receipt no is linked to your driver details.. But no fallback on issues with the automated system at Swampy.. 


Most drivers are honest but occasionally you get a shark or one with a V8 supercharged meter who blatantly rips off new arrivals.. 

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