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Students "crammed in" on school minivan: 19 injured in Lopburi

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Students "crammed in" on school minivan: 19 injured in Lopburi



Picture: Daily News


Nineteen people - 18 of whom were students aged between 5 and 20 - were injured when a minivan left the road and collided with a tree then a lamppost in Lopburi yesterday. 


Police and rescue services on the scene on the Lopburi to Ban Praek Road about 18 kilometers from Muang district found students crying for help on the roadside and some trapped in the badly damaged Toyota van. 


The injured were taken to Phra Narai Maharat Hospital. They included driver Nirut, 36. 


The students were from Winit Suksa school and Phiboon Withayalai college. 


A driver of a vehicle following said that they heard what seemed to be a tire exploding before the van left the road and hit a tree then a lamppost. 


Some of the students who were only slightly injured said that the van was fitted with additional seats to cram students into the vehicle. 


Ban Kum police captain Wichai Saenbut is investigating.


Source: Daily News




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-11-15
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6 hours ago, Dmaxdan said:

Poorly maintained vehicle?  Too much speed?  This is why I take my grandson to school and don't trust anybody else. 

Add to that a driver without proper training, possibly a lack of sleep (or under the influence), and limited safety devices in a minivan (airbags for passengers, 3-point seatbelts, limited deformable zone).


Good to hear you care enough about your grandkid. 

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It’s so sad to see kids and all kinds of people dying unnecessary on a daily basis in this country devoid of law enforcement and education with regards to road traffic to say the least, no prevention, no common sense, no maintenance on their vehicles and needless to say no brain ! 

Poor kids, it’s never their fault ☹️

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