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Frenchman plunges to his death taking selfie at Koh Samui waterfall

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Frenchman plunges to his death taking selfie at Koh Samui waterfall



Picture: Thai Rath


A Frenchman was found dead at Na Muang 2 waterfall on Koh Samui after he slipped and fell while taking a selfie. 


It was the second death of a tourist under similar circumstances following a fatality involving a Spanish person at the same spot five months ago. 


Rescue teams took three hours to haul the dead body of the 31 year old up from a pool using a rope and harness. 


He had a fatal head injury as well as lacerations to his body. He was taken to Koh Samui hospital yesterday afternoon for autopsy. 


Samitsak - a representative of a tourist help center - told Thai Rath that the French man had come to Thailand to visit a compatriot in Nakhon Sri Thammarat and they had gone on a trip to the island together. 


They had walked up to level four at the waterfall about 800 meters from level 1.


The victim was taking a selfie when he slipped and fell, said Samitsak. 


Thai Rath noted that there are warning signs in the area. 


Five months ago a Spanish person taking a photograph was killed in the same spot. 


Source: Thai Rath


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-11-15
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Every too often we hear about people losing their lives over a stupid acts of taking a selfies, as if life is not perilous enough as it is, now humanity has to deal with death as a results of new tech

..Not sure we should blame technology in this case. RIP

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