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Which Thai provinces are the cheapest?

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the force is strong with this one. 

Here you go champ, can rent my little shack in Chaiyaphum for 100 baht a night.. There's no nightlife, no crowds, come to think of it there's not much of anything !! But you'll be able to practice you

Don't forget to let the authorities know where you sleep every night...

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36 minutes ago, cornishcarlos said:

I see why you don't need to pay much to eat now.. You are a troll and people have been feeding you for 27 pages 😜

Not only a troll but a very racist troll !! 

I got a holiday from TVF for making one sarcastic remark yet you seem to have survived 27 pages of drivel ?? 

Its a strange world 🤔

Indeed strange world! Just wonder how to be an vegetarien on low budget will work out, and still manage to stay healthy. Getting your basic needs as vegetarian is not easy. 

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10 hours ago, at15 said:

im in a deep dark place in the province enjoying a bowl of chicken green curry for 20 baht. i know of several old women selling normal thai dishes for 20 baht. there is even a lady selling dishes for 10 baht each , but this is well off the beaten path. you will be seen as a complete nutcase to thai people but it can be done !!

sorry, dont believe that,

i have traveled all over thailand with my own car, speak thai and eat at road side stands, and gas stations, (great thai fast food).

I'd say the cheapest in the past year is around 25 baht for a meatless soup, 30 with meat, 40 baht for a rice/meat topping add in another 5 baht for an egg

Market food 40-50 baht/dish

7/11 for a microwave meat an rice will set ya back 30 -40 baht

one of the tasteless sandwiches 25-30 baht


Sakoo, i for one accept you think your intelligent and sarcastic,  but am bored with your s#@t posts here

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This topic is a mess!! I have cleaned out various troll posts, flames bickering and baiting posts also replies, I am sure I have missed some however.

We can also do without people swearing and imitating moderators.


You can either stay on topic as shown below and quit the nonsense but failing that after this public warning I will be handing out holiday vouchers. 



So now no more posts for two hours, the topic can then be closed







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