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Foreign investors parade into Thailand, looking for potential investments, says Deputy PM Somkid

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It would be fabulous if Dignitas were parading in from Switzerland, and the Thai Government started 'Drink, Moan, Die' as the next economy boost with subsidies channeled through TVF.


'Welcome to Thailand, you will have no problems at immigration or with address registration if you join our DMD programme. Membership can be obtained at happy hour on Soi New Plaza where beer is only 45 baht or 40 if you complete stage one by moaning about 5 baht a bottle or saying two for 80 baht, or perhaps 'I didn't order her drink?''


Hey, hey. just a constructive idea...... 😄

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In other words, dont tell the truth.

It has potential, which will not be realised until the military realise they work for the government and the government realises they work for the people who vote them into office !!!  In other w

Foreign investors parade into Thailand, looking for potential investments, says Deputy PM Somkid By The Nation   Somkid Jatusripitak   Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusr

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14 hours ago, Sonhia said:

Thai tend to over state plus over exaggerate, with plenty of hot air, about the truth. Propaganda is rife.

Consider past events, why invest in Thailand? Beyond me. 


Anyone or company prepared to invest money in Thailand must be prepared to loose every penny or almost everything. 


As the saying goes, never invest more than you can afford to lose 

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If one is disingenuous enough, one can come up with any narrative to suit an agenda, regardless of whether or not it is backed up by reality and truth.


What the incompetent and completely insincere Somkid is saying, does not in any way, shape or form fit into the narrative of reality. Here is a statement from just one expert in the field of attracting foreign investment.


Companies once considering investing in South-east Asia's second-largest economy are now looking at other options - and the uncertainty surrounding the aftermath of the recent elections was driving much of the concern, said Ms. Kulthirath, the CEO of the Thailand e-Business Center, which advises companies on entering the Thai market. Ms. Kulthirath, who's also on the committees of the Thai Digital Trade Association and the Thai e-Commerce Association, has met over 600 foreign investors in the past year. She said the majority had decided now is not the right time to invest in Thailand.



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