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Bangsaen - where to live?

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I know that’s a big question but I am thinking of moving from Bangkok and live there. Can’t be too far from Bangkok as I have a child who goes to school here (separated from mum) and I will be picking him up from school at least once a week.


i will be looking for a 3 bedroom house. Will be living with my current partner and baby. I don’t care for bars and noisy nightlife so while living close to the beach is preferable, I really don’t fancy being surrounded by load drunks.


Rent wise, wouldn’t want to spend more than 20k. Seen nice places on the net but not sure of their location. Will be coming down to Bangsaen in 2 weeks to stay driving around and looking for potential areas. Any pointers where would be best to live would be greatly appreciated. Maybe gated communities or specific areas with Bangsaen?



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Why Bangsaen?


I have lived there three and a half years, and if you're looking for good beach times, Bangsaen isn't it.


It's a Thai holiday destination - many Bangkok folks drive up on the weekends, and leave the beach a total mess.

We've had two occasions where kids stepped into broken glass while playing on the beaches, one of which ended in many stitches in the hospital.

Bangsaen has its charms, but the beach surely isn't one of them. It's also often affected by oil spills and you'll end up with it all over your feet (and the kids feet).


If beach is your primary goal, I'd recommend anywhere else less crowded - Bang Saray, for example still has pretty nice beaches and isn't that far, either. Heck, even Jomtien is far nicer than Bangsaen, in terms of beaches.


If on the other hand you want to stick to Bangsaen, The Royal Sammuk village is quite alright. I've stayed there, renting a house. But make sure you check everything thoroughly, as many of the houses are old and often badly maintained. You could also suffer flooding during the rainy season, with the whole town being under water up to your knees. Houses are slightly elevated and shouldn't get flooded, but it's still an annoyance.


There is also a large condominium (the one that looks like a boat, sorry can't recall the name) in Laem Thaen, where the weekend markets are at. I've been inside some and they can be real nice.


It's been nearly 4 years since I've moved away from there, though, so take this with a grain of salt. Unlikely, but, it may have changed somewhat since then.


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We had a nice house in Greenville Beach estate. Quiet and agreeable, but predominantly Thai residents.

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