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Thai Citizenship for those married to a Thai

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27 minutes ago, Trevor Collins said:

I'm a UK citizen married to a Thai lady who has obtained UK citizenship through naturalization. She didn't have to give up her Thai citizenship.


Can I become a Thai citizen through marriage?

You can but it's not as simple....

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1 hour ago, GinBoy2 said:

Most countries nowadays allow dual citizenship.


My son who lives in the US holds both a Thai and US passport.


The question why any farang would want to jump through flaming hoops to actually get Thai citizenship, well baffles me 

Not all foreigners coming from a first world country. There are also other places and for them to become a Thai would be an improvement passport-wise. Then there are the other group who lived here longtime already and want a bit of security, then as Thai you  not have to think of any change in immigration law in the future.


About dual citizenship, I was thinking when you ask for a Thai passport you have to sign, that you would give up your home citizenship, but this then will not be enforced.

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