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Bloodbath: Thai man hacks his close friend to death with a sword

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1 hour ago, rooster59 said:

Waiting outside in a blathering and incoherent state was 21 year old Phaitoon who was covered in blood. 


Inside the room was 27 year old Ekkachai who had been hacked to pieces with a sword.


1 hour ago, rooster59 said:

He went to neighbors for help getting his friend to hospital, but by then it was far too late.

Yeah, but that makes sense.

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"blathering and incoherent" , so normal then?  

A friend like him ,you don't need enemies. regards worgeordie 

Well they weren't having jelly and ice cream for sure 🤔

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3 hours ago, rooster59 said:

He claimed his mate had threatened to kill him and his family. Angered by this he attacked his friend with a sword then continued attacking him repeatedly. 

There is more to this story than mearly that.


* What was the initial reason his close friend said such things?  


* Why did he go to pick up his best friend if there was obviously such bad blood between them? 


* Why would you decide to hack your best friend to death for saying that? 

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49 minutes ago, unamazedloso said:

all my rural drug fkd neighbours are nutcases like this and not sure why there aint been more problem.

I have several friends doing ya baa, none of them have caused any problems for me, or anyone else for that matter.

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