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Bloodbath: Thai man hacks his close friend to death with a sword

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"blathering and incoherent" , so normal then?  

A friend like him ,you don't need enemies. regards worgeordie 

Well they weren't having jelly and ice cream for sure 🤔

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4 hours ago, toofarnorth said:

I'm Sure he will soon make new friends where he is headed for.

Exactly, thai prisons are already filled with brutal killers just like him, he will feel at home with his like-minded maniacs there. 

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True Thai mentality. Barbaric.


Thai portray themselves as such humble, peace loving, animal loving, smiling, caring, polite, law abiding people! BS!


It is not surprising the Chinese kicked their ansestors out of southern China.


China classed what is now known as Thai formally Siamese meaning Dark Skinned People,  ss Undisirable, who now try very hard to look white and yet are very racist against blacks including most other nationals. Pathetic..


Will the crazed murder be punished or sent home after doing merit, with a slap on the wrist, sent home to mummy to cheat her out of money, beat her, to sit around all day drinking whiskey, smoking and playing loud music? 


Typical true Thai style of living.


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3 hours ago, notasmartassknowitallfarag said:

There is more to this story than mearly that.


* What was the initial reason his close friend said such things?  

Out of drugs.


* Why did he go to pick up his best friend if there was obviously such bad blood between them? 

Out of money.


* Why would you decide to hack your best friend to death for saying that? 

They were both out of drugs and money.

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1 minute ago, rossco1 said:

RIP sad story but we need too learn from this maybe drugs maybe not but defiantly something Mental health issue ?

Probably both mental health issues and drugs and money involved.

Surely drugs, including alcohol, don't seem to be beneficial for someone who has mental issues.

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5 hours ago, Pilotman said:

a lot of drug taking Thai village folk. I see quite a few when we visit my wife's village.  Not in her family I hasten to add, but it is prevalent in the rural communities and when those community folk come to the big city to work.  

Correct. Many years ago I had cause to go to a small village just north of Phitsanulok, where I saw hypodermic needles lying all around people,s houses, plus was actually told that this was a huge problem in the village.

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