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Bangkok: Jealous Thai husband stabs two timing wife to death

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Bangkok: Jealous Thai husband stabs two timing wife to death



Image: Thai Rath


Phrakhanong police and rescue services were called to a soi near the expressway last night after a member of the public made a citizen's arrest following a murder. 


At the scene they found 41 year old Wandee dead from multiple stab wounds. 


Her motorcycle was overturned and her bloodstained helmet was nearby. 


Her husband was detained by the member of the public; Itakkhee, 43, had used a five inch folding knife. 


The police said that Wandee had been seeing a fellow employee at a shipping company in Klong Toei and her husband found out about the affair. 


In a rage he waited for her and stabbed her to death.


Source: Thai Rath



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-11-16


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29 minutes ago, Scot123 said:

I really never understood this as I have always thought having a party the best answer. I have a wonderful wife, I would be heartbroken but having a party would be my answer. 

I agree. you do have a wonderful wife....for now!!

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18 hours ago, Just1Voice said:

Why not just dump her and go find another. There is always one just around the corner. Now he's  going to get life in prison. Which means he'll be out in 5-6 years.

But he was upset ......he couldn’t help it ...it’s a crime of passion 2 years....

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1 hour ago, Raymonddiaz said:

Thai men need to learn how to move on with life...just killing like beasts..

Along with all the other men in all of the other countries in the world!Haven't you heard we are king of beasts.

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Wifey said on Loy Krathong: " If I win the lottery, I'll leave you."


  My answer: " No need to wait that long, the door's always open."


  I understand that it hurts when people find out that they were betrayed. But shouldn't they be happy to have an "eye opener"?


   Especially when they belong to a species where men are allowed to have a Mia Noi, while the wife has to wait at home for the loving husband. 


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30 minutes ago, worgeordie said:

If only they could stop for a few moments,and think things

through, if i kill her ,I am going to jail,and my life is going 

to be sh*t for a few years,.....or i could find another one

quite quickly,  what should i do.

regards Worgeordie

You're so right, but you'd only find out how you'd react if you'd be all in a sudden in the same situation.


Theory written with a keyboard, having enough time to think about it critically and the moment when you catch your cheating wife seem to be two different things to me. 


I don't know what i would do, but definitely not killing her, or him.  

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