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Thais flock to pray to a lump of wood after policeman wins 114 million on the lottery

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Welcome to the 15th Century. lol 

If theres something holy in this country, its money.

i wouldn't go that far

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No different to Kham Chanod.


Thousands go every day, from as far afield as Chaing Mai and  China. Hugging trees, covering the turtles with powder and letting the catfish back into the lake for their freedom. They win too. Only last month someone won 6 million baht.


Over 100 lottery sellers there every day. Charging a minimum of 100 baht a ticket. some of the more lucky tickets are 300 baht each, (I thought Cha Cha had stopped this!?).


I have been across the long bridge in the past, but now amuse myself feeding the fish, and watching the iguanas until the wife returns.

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I sometimes get a bit of wood,but I have never won nowt !  it's got the numbers 435678321098000987

tattooed on it.feel free to select your own winning numbers .

regards Worgeordie

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