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Prince Andrew says he has no recollection of meeting Epstein accuser

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Yes, yes....and Epstein killed himself with all the cameras malfunctioning at exactly the right time, while the guards were fast asleep and......... a partridge in a pear tree.......

Well he would say that would he not, can't recall the photo and does not remember screwing a 17 year old 'sex slave' on more than one occasion. Not having any recollection does not mean it never happe

Hard to recollect things that happened when you were stoned, and the little strumpet had you handcuffed, blindfolded, and ball-gagged.

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8 hours ago, madmen said:

He is Royalty and untouchable and he knows it

Not so. It might make him more of a target. But yes, in the upper echelons of British society people get away with all manner of crimes normal people get prosecuted for but this is the case in most countries without exception. However, 'no recollection ' is a pathetic excuse made by knaves, bounders, cads and liars. Anyway,  I bet Christmas day at his place will be a bundle of laughs...not!

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