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can i charge late payment fee?

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can you provide little more information if you want to get a proper answer 

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If you as a registered company, have been sending an invoice to another company, you can charge a fee for late payment if your invoice have the following information.

  • Invoice number
  • Date of Invoice
  • Due Date
  • Information about circumstances if late payment after due date will occur
  • Your company´s W.A.T. number as well as the buyers W.A.T. number

More you will also have to have been sending out at least one reminder to your customer, as well as provided separate information about late payments and what kind of fees that are connected with a late payment before or in connection or on the Invoice.

Good Luck! 🙂 

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Like Matzzon said. It depends on you or your juristic self as to whether or not you have inclusions in your contract for late payment. If you don't have such then there's no harm in trying but don't hold you're breath.

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