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Cross Generational Back Talk -- Is 'OK Boomer' OK with you?

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On 11/21/2019 at 10:29 AM, canuckamuck said:

 Just a new way to say "shut up old man!"

"OK Boomer?" "Yep, no probs; but best suck it up Zoomer".

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Much more on the OK boomer thing and it isn't pretty!







It was the year of ‘OK boomer,’ and the generations were at each other’s throats


This year it became “OK” to be ageist. It became acceptable to digitally flick off your elders or young’uns on social media, to respond “OK boomer” or “OK millennial,” when, in truth, the people being addressed were often far from okay.



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Japanese "boomers" ...



A group of more than 200 Japanese pensioners are volunteering to tackle the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima power station.

The Skilled Veterans Corps, as they call themselves, is made up of retired engineers and other professionals, all over the age of 60.

They say they should be facing the dangers of radiation, not the young.

Volunteering to take the place of younger workers at the power station is not brave, Mr Yamada says, but logical.

"I am 72 and on average I probably have 13 to 15 years left to live," he says.

"Even if I were exposed to radiation, cancer could take 20 or 30 years or longer to develop. Therefore us older ones have less chance of getting cancer."

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