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In Trump-Nixon impeachment comparison, Pelosi raises specter of resignation

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7 hours ago, Samui Bodoh said:

I would love to see Trump resign, but I would bet my left arm that it won't happen.


I understand that people want to see parallels between Trump and Nixon, but it is a false comparison. Nixon, far all his many, many, many faults, had his own sense of honour and understood the concept of public duty and public service.


Trump does not.


The facts are simple here; Trump tried to use his office to attain a personal benefit (dirt on Biden) and that is illegal. Is there dispute on the facts? No, not really. The Republicans are complaining about process, but there is a deafening silence on the substance of the issue. To sum up, even Republicans know that what Trump did was wrong, even if they are scared to say it aloud.


Should Trump resign? Yes. It is clear to all that he has lost the moral right to govern, and when that occurs, there is only one course of action.


There are some who argue that the US should wait as there are elections on the horizon, but that is not correct; when a country has a President unbound by any laws and/or ethics, it is imperative to remove him ASAP before further damage is done. What might Trump do in a year before an election? It is too great a risk to leave him in office.


The problem in the US is political, not legal (legally, Trump should go and all law-makers know it). As much as it sickens me, there should be an arrangement made for Trump to leave office ASAP and in return to receive a non-prosecution agreement. Yes, I think that he should go to jail for a long time, but removal from office would be acceptable, even if it left a bad taste in the mouth.


The question is whether or not the Republicans in the House and Senate are going to have the courage to act. Will they? I do not know, but if I were talking with them, I would remind them that the Republicans who acted in Nixon's time were called "Profiles in Courage"; that would be a nice moniker and legacy to have.


Republicans; act now and save your party. Delay or not convict and see Trump's name tattooed on your forehead for a lifetime.


Would any of you be willing to have Trump's name tattooed on your forehead for life? 




Nixon actually served his country in the South Pacific during WWII

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8 hours ago, webfact said:

saying that disgraced president at least cared enough about the country to leave office before his impeachment.

Beg to differ, it was the only option he had left, otherwise they would have very probably thrown his ass in jail. So not so much caring for his country in my opinion, but much more really not wanting to spend the rest of his life in prison. 

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Putin must be $#$$% in his pants right now realizing what a naive fool he put his trust in.  Trump was way over his head.  second rate clown developer from Queens and a good friend of Harvey's

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8 hours ago, sunnyboy2018 said:

Apart from impeachment have these dame dems got any policies not based on anti white male hate?

Feeling lonely?

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1 minute ago, Kelsall said:

Yes, she should resign.  Schiff too.

GLADLY trade you a Schiff/Pelosi resignation for a Trump resignation, and we'd all be well ahead. Win/win!

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