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In Trump-Nixon impeachment comparison, Pelosi raises specter of resignation

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2 minutes ago, Monomial said:


You don't disavow your values. I would never suggest that. Instead, you listen to their values and engage with them on the places where you both agree. Historically, this is called a canon. Most of us are familiar with "literary canon", a group of books which everyone should read so they have a place to begin discussions. But canon applies to other areas as well, such as politics and ethics.  Having  established a canon, you can then expand and start to see where your values diverge.  And then address those areas, so that the other side doesn't feel that they need to resort to a psycopath and a demagogue in order to be heard.


The American public has for too long forgotten how to speak to each other.  If the other issues were addressed, everyone would agree that Trump is not good. But right now, Trump supporters feel they have to stoop to this level just to get their concerns addressed. Show them instead that there is another way. Trump is just a symptom, not the disease. But be warned. You are going to need to make concessions as well, and grant them the courtesy to respect their feelings on divergent issues.


If you do this, you'll find Trump supporters aren't bad people. They just have different concerns than you. And if you respect their values, they are more than likely to respect yours as well. If we all did this, there would be no division for a demagogue like Trump to exploit.



And I tried that. I was polite to you, never cast a mean word at you, just laid out the truth. You say we should just hold hands and have a kumbaya moment. I'm sorry, people are dying, policies are exploding like popcorn that are destroying the environment, separating  families, etc. etc.


You don't want to talk facts, I don't want to hear bologna. There should be a sense of urgency at all this, but it's similar to the boiling frog scenario. You won't get it until it's too late. Go ahead, get in whatever last word you want on this, I'm done.

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3 minutes ago, Thainesss said:

I have no idea what your point is and I don't think that you do either. And yes, that is bigotry in its purest and most basic form. Here is the definition for you:

That is precisely what you are guilty of. You are, frankly, everything that you seem to hate so much. 

What exactly did I post that made you erroneously think it was that of a bigot?

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7 minutes ago, stevenl said:

Problem is many of trump supporters facts are alternative facts, in the real world called lies.


All politicians lie with reckless abandon but trump tops the list, yes. 


That does not mean half of the electorate is Trump, but you know this, you just wanna take your little swipes and then wade back to the shallow end. 

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9 hours ago, johnnybangkok said:

Any chance of actually disputing the facts or are you just going to go on a hate filled rampage against 'seditionist pigs'? If you genuinely think this is all about crying because the 'President isn't polite' then you haven't been paying attention.

Evidence is mounting on a daily basis that he did indeed commit bribery (an impeachable offence). Career dipomats of impeccable service to the US are putting their careers and their personal safety at risk to testify as such. Yovanovitch has testified under oath that she was pulled back to Washington to clear the way for Trump allies to persuade Ukraine to launch corruption probes into Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Bill Taylor has confirmed there was a conversation between Sondland and Trump overheard from a staffer (David Holmes) and in turn Holmes has also testified under oath that he was present when Trump had asked Sondland “So, he’s going to do the investigation?” to which Sondland responded by saying that Zelensky “loves your ass,” that he would pursue the investigation, and that he would do “anything you ask him to.”

And then there's Gordon Sondland.

This is going to be the the Dems star witness. A Trump appointee and a man who was actually on the calls and is deep, deep in the middle of it all. Now we already know that Sondland has changed his tune in a new, revised statement were he has testified “I said that resumption of the U.S. aid would likely not occur until Ukraine provided the public anticorruption statement that we had been discussing for many weeks,” but since he has also categorily denied there was any 'quid pro quo/bribery' in previous statements it will be super interesting to see which story he will stick to this week, especially now there is a clear threat of perjury. Many think he has no choice other than to come completely clean and honestly tell the world what was actually said in those calls.

So rant and rage as much as you want. Blame 'seditionist pigs' and 'Communist loving, war-mongering filthy mob of scumbag rats' but I wonder how you are going to defend Trump when Sondland confirms all the other witness testimonies are true and accurate? Your boy only has himself to blame as he put himself in this situation and the noose is tightening. Hopefully it will be the end to this embarrassment of a POTUS but knowing the gutless GPO's in the Senate I'm afraid it's just the beginning.



What do you need from me? More clarity on my point?

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A post containing content copy and pasted from a Facebook page has been removed, again. 


Posts containing false and unsubstantiated allegations have been removed. 

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11 hours ago, Boon Mee said:

Nancy Pelosi lost her mind about the same time her over-the-top Trump Derangement set in. 

Looking forward to 5 plus more years with Donald J. Trump as President of the USA. 😊 



Even the Trolls cant put up a defence !

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