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I've been in Isaan for 12 years and I find it fascinating. Virtually every week there is something that I find of interest or something that surprises me, dismays me and sometimes shocks me.  

This story starts 22 years ago.   I first met my future wife, Dee, when she was selling papaya salad (somtam in Thai) on a street stall in Nong Khai. I was forty one and tired of the single

My wife doesn't give them "Jack", and naturally I asked come one day, "honey" why don't you give them something....huh, they have hands and feet and can work, instead of always asking for money on the

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2 minutes ago, owl sees all said:

Owl log; 19-11-2019


The music has finally stopped and replaced by chanting monks.


The wife came home about 2 in the morning. She said she'd been chanting, eating, and praying, but I reckon she was playing cards and drinking. The only praying she did was for a good hand.


Saw the daughter off to school this morning. As Mrs Owl couldn't get up, I had to make her breakfast. Put some sausages in the microwave and gave her a chocolate milk drink. Popped a tube of pringles into her school bag for later.


I'm hopeless in the kitchen. probably because I've been spoilt by so many wonderful women in the past


Misses still sleeping (9 am). 


Going outside shortly to set the outside fire and brew up my reishi mushrooms.


I'll be off to the farm later to feed the fish, and generally potter about. I'm really bothered about the durian tree. It's lost all of it's leaves and doesn't look healthy.


A little bit annoyed with myself for forgetting to buy the potting mix for the little avocado trees. About 5 months ago I set up 4 with the tooth-pick method. Two deteriorated quickly and the other two did nothing for three months. I was thinking it was a complete failure but suddenly they sprang into life. I'll take a couple of pics later.


Chanting stopped and music started up again.

It must be nice seeing all .....

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