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I've been in Isaan for 12 years and I find it fascinating. Virtually every week there is something that I find of interest or something that surprises me, dismays me and sometimes shocks me.  

This story starts 22 years ago.   I first met my future wife, Dee, when she was selling papaya salad (somtam in Thai) on a street stall in Nong Khai. I was forty one and tired of the single

My wife doesn't give them "Jack", and naturally I asked come one day, "honey" why don't you give them something....huh, they have hands and feet and can work, instead of always asking for money on the

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Very enjoyable Owl, keep it going. 


Lots more pics please (avoid adding personal pics of you/family as there'll always be someone with rude comments).


Incidentally which province are you in exactly (apologies if you already stated). Assuming it's Nong Khai.

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4 hours ago, thaibeachlovers said:

My wife didn't want to get divorced, but even in her mind she must have understood it was broken and would never be OK again. I think she just wanted it over, all the arguing, the shouting, the throwing things around, the foul language. She didn't even want a pay off, which was lucky for me, but she probably thought I was broke anyway.


I used to say to her that I didn't recognise her as the sweet girl I married, and she wasn't, but thinking about it after, at the end I was pretty different myself. 

Sad really, two people who loved each other and were happy at the start slowly becoming alienated to the point they drive each other crazy and can't live together anymore. After all, no one would get married if they knew it would end badly.

Love, IMO, is like a flower. It doesn't last, but it can be preserved, or it can rot. 


Mate, had three of them back home but the local one is doing well. I hope it lasts.

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1 hour ago, owl sees all said:

Owl Log 19-11-2019


It's now just three in the afternoon and the wife has arisen from her deep slumber. She doesn't want to go to the farm today, too tired. Too late for me as well now, as I could easily spend a couple of hours pottering about and miss Mildred coming home from school. 


Not to worry; I've done bit of snapping and posted them here.




Firstly, the two avacado trees that I'm growing. They are very 'leggy', but I'll harden them off some more before potting. Probably a couple more weeks.






The reishi is finished and will give me three litres of wine to consume for the next few days, when I've mixed it with the Lao khow of course. It's very strong this time as I put fresh mushroom in for this boil.




And what a lovely brown brew it is too.




The rosella: getting to learn more and more about the rosella system. We have 30 rai spare, and at the moment unsure what to grow.


Pic #1 Preparing the flower by removing the seed pod.

Pic #2 Drying the rosella (that's my shadow;  not some daytime peelaw). 

Pic #3 Bagged up.

Pic #4 Drying the seed pods.









The lowdown on the rosella is as follows. The lady reckons on harvesting 300 kilos from her 4 rai. At 100 baht a kilo. Easier to grow than rice but post-harvest there are many days ahead; de-podding, drying and bagging up. Very interesting this, especially if this drought cycle continues for more seasons. A lot of the Ozzies out there would know about rosella already.


The rice harvest has been awful. 50% down for many and and some such as us simply wiped out. Must give rosella some serious thought.




The music has stopped. Everything packed away, and it's quiet again. Until the next birth, death, jump the broom (sorry wrong part of the world) or decent lottery win.


That's it for today guys. 

Great info. I married a farm girl who loves everything to do growing thing, so will need to talk to her about what you are doing.

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7 hours ago, Outbackoz said:

Thanks for for the insight of life as you perceive it. Also had problems propagating Avo's from seed (normally done through tissue culture in Aust) took a while to get it right with immature plants post sprouting. Had brought some Shepherd Avo's back from oz and used a similar method for propagation with about a 30% success rate.   Growth was a little slower than expected but this one about 18 months old now 

Do not know what the wife has done but her avocado grown from seed, and planted are over a metre high in 1 year (sorry no recent pics). whether we get fruit is another matter.

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2 hours ago, owl sees all said:



They seem to be growing Great! did you put something in the water?? How old are they?

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