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3 hours ago, Assurancetourix said:


Power cuts twice a day yesterday and again once this morning ;

when power cut, no internet ...


About mangoes ..

We are making mangoo cigars and jam also ...





This is new to me AT. Please elaborate on the preparation and drying etc.


Is the outer skin mango only? Who smokes them?

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I've been in Isaan for 12 years and I find it fascinating. Virtually every week there is something that I find of interest or something that surprises me, dismays me and sometimes shocks me.  

My wife doesn't give them "Jack", and naturally I asked come one day, "honey" why don't you give them something....huh, they have hands and feet and can work, instead of always asking for money on the

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20 minutes ago, AndyAndyAndy said:

Put eatable part of mango (no skin, no seed) into a pot. Boil all water out of it. Spread it on piece of plastic/plate and dry it. Scrape it and roll it into a roll. Eat it.


We are doing it too.

We have plenty to eat AAA. But what about smoking them, as AT is saying?

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1 hour ago, owl sees all said:

And there's me trying to encourage them to breed. We have one big one by the house that sits in the road from about dusk. It does not like to move. I have to stop the pick-up and get it to scurry away with my foot. Bit my big toe a while back.

You just aint a Wise Old Owl but a Lucky one. Their Saliva contains bacteria than causes bad illness in Kids n Oldies, . Tokay is the correct name iv just been told. So thats OK.

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22 hours ago, Assurancetourix said:

I often put my MTBike on the photos because many members do not believe that I am going with it.

I'm surprised you care what many members say. I try not to worry about what people I will never know think about me.

It's only a forum.

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6 hours ago, Kadilo said:

especially the photos from both now and the past. 

Thanks for your photos, and no bike in any of them:-)


You seem to have a problem taking level photos though. If you have either Photoshop or windows 10 it's simple to rotate and crop. Up to you.

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6 hours ago, Kadilo said:

She says a ferang in the village topped himself because he could not get any more whiskey and all the local mom and pop shops are running dry. 

He's not alone in topping himself because of government actions, however no one, IMO, tops themselves because they can't drink alcohol, but I suspect being drunk stopped him thinking about what really ailed him, and he couldn't take it being sober.

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6 hours ago, Kadilo said:

HI all. Great to see and read the updates from you all especially the photos from both now and the past. 

An excellent post and thanks for the photos Kadilo!


I am very glad that you are able to keep in close touch with your family and please stay safe and well in one of the centres of the storm...


These are very difficult times.

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12 hours ago, Odysseus123 said:

Gauloise mate...rough as guts..

When all seemed lost the Foreign Legion loaded them into their mitrailleuses and fired 'em at the foe..never failed.


Even the camels fled.

There were also the "Celtiques" with a larger diameter (10 mm) than the Gauloises or the Gitanes;
and the famous Boyards of the same diameter as the Celtics
two kinds of paper: white and corn paper



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