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22 minutes ago, hotandsticky said:

I must be in need of a second coffee........................ I read that as they "can both be of sound mind".

I have slapped myself accordingly......

I thought that was only applicable in will-writing jargon?


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9 hours ago, chickenslegs said:

Just back from taking Mildred to school. Exactly 35km round trip.


Checked your link chickenlegs. I am horrified. Thirty four grammes for 435 baht. A can of cat food is only 27 baht and that weighs in at 400g. No wonder I can't find it on the shelves in Big C or Tescos; no-one would buy it. Like Philadelphia cheese! At 160 baht, no-one wanted it, and I only bought it when its sell-by date had nearly passed and the price was just half. Now it's gone altogether.  

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On 7/8/2020 at 9:03 PM, elliss said:

          OK ,  Soi behind Tesco lotus . blue door ...

         However that said, with the easing of Covid panic regs ,

         the lady now shares her time between Soi Sampun ,, and the village .

          Good old days , a joy to remember . 555


Is that the soi behind the big Tesco (opposite Big C)? Can't find it. Blue door! Sure you don't mean Tesco rear entrance?


Or have I got it wrong, and you mean the soi behind the little Tesco, along by Big C and seven/eleven!? I'm gonna check it out tomorrow.


Anyway!! Thanks for the info'. She sounds exciting.

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