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Why you want to come live in Thailand?

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Many foreigner leave there country, there friends, there family, there life to come live in Thailand.


Is big decision and many can not speak thai that make it more difficult to live. 


194 country in the world can chose.

Why you want to leave your country and why did YOU chose did come and live in Thailand? 

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Because Thai TV soap operas aren't available any where else.

Good weather, Good and Cheap food and living, Women who do not want to be men.  Some may ask for variations of the 3rd, if that's your thing 🤫.  

2 minutes ago, Thainesss said:


It started for the ladies, but I'll be moving back home soon. Thailand kind of sucks for a young person trying to setup their life and grow assets. 

Unless the assets you want to grow are ganja....soon!

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1 minute ago, Thainesss said:


Its pretty legal in the US already, depending on the state. 


Sorry I didn't put LOL after my reply.

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